Thrive: Fear and Anger
Course Date: 
18 April, 2018
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Course Times: 
9:00 - 15:30
West Exe School
£60 for Exeter PSP Members

This course will deepen Licensed Practitioners’ awareness and capacity to work with children who experience fear and anger in a way that interrupts their learning.

It will extend participants knowledge of the impact for children who experience overwhelming interruptions to learning and social capacity with fear and/or anger. It will explore the communication and regulation of fear and anger within the specific Thrive Developmental Strands, offering targeted strategies within each strand. This day will provide practical solutions and activities to help a child or young person through fear and anger, enabling them to successfully access learning and relationships. This course aims:

  • to further neuro-scientific understanding of fear and anger

  • to consider how fear and anger may be communicated through behaviour and developmental interruptions

  • to further increase Practitioners’ own self-awareness and understanding of their own triggers when fear and/or anger is expressed.

Suitable for: Those working with all age groups

Open to: Licensed Practitioners or above

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