Teaching & Learning Symposium

Event Date(s): 
  • 11 October, 2017
  • 24 January, 2018
  • 9 May, 2018
Event Times: 
16:00 to 17:00
St James School

FREE Open Invite for Exeter Consortium Member Schools

The symposium is both 'across-phase' and inclusive. Over the coming year we will have some new and exciting workshops on offer from colleagues across the city who will learn and share practice from Primary, Secondary and Post-16 settings.

The symposiums will be running on a termly basis, with a range of workshops at each. You will be able to attend 3 of the workshoips on offer. Each workshop lasts for 15 minutes.

Please note we would be grateful for information on numbers from each school in advance of the sessions. Please email - info@exeterconsortium.com 

If you wish to run your own Symposium workshop please email ned@exeterconsortium.com

Workshops for the Teaching and Learning Symposium on 11th October:

1. Outdoor Learning Led by Angela Redmond from Wynstream Primary

If you'd like to extend your opportunities for teaching children outdoors and the advantages it gives to your children then come along and Angela will share curriculum ideas, funding sources and how you can link outdoor learning with opportunities to get your parents involved too.

2. What does Greater Depth look like in our classrooms? Led by Kevin Martin from The Topsham School

What strategies are effective in developing a Greater Depth learning culture? The term ‘Greater Depth’ is being used across many schools at the moment, however there still seems to be a lot of debate across schools as to what greater depth means.  As a collaborative research group across 10 schools in Exeter, we have decided to look at creating a shared understanding of the term ‘Greater Depth’. We have agreed and trialled a range of strategies in our own school settings and have begun to measure the impact of our practice on the progress made by identified pupils. We would like to discuss some of the things that we have begun to trial. 

3. Acronyms in Education Led by Kirsty Duke and Alison Taylor from St James School

A brief explanation of the many acronyms used in the SEN and Safeguarding departments of a school and the importance/differences of various plans.

4. Improving Writing Through the Use of Different Sentence Structures Led by Jan Tierney from Hazeldown School

A simple and effective way to up level sentences through the use of ISPACED. This simple technique will help all children to write using a variety of sentence starters using: prepositions, adverbials- including adverbs of time, similes, non-finite verbs using–ed and –ing suffixes and also conjunctions/ connectives.

5. How to... create a reader! Led by Sarah Cooke from Hazeldown Primary School

An episode on how to nurture reading for pleasure to support reading for purpose. We all know how to teach children to read, but how do we teach children to become readers?   Come along to discuss and explore ways to encourage your children to embrace reading in your classroom.

6. Fabulous Phonics! Led by Kirsty Hudson from Hazeldown School

We will be talking about how our year one children have achieved 93% plus over the last few years. Our focus will be on phonics in foundation and year one, but these skills can also be used throughout primary education.

We look forward to seeing you at St James School on 11th October, 4.00pm