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SLE Recruitment Now Open for 2017/18

We are excited to announce a new round of SLE for the Exeter Consortium and Teaching School Alliance (ECTSA). 

What is a SLE?

SLEs are outstanding middle and senior leaders in positions below the headteacher, with at least two years’ leadership experience. They have a particular area of expertise (such as a subject area, early years, behaviour and inclusion) and a successful track record of school improvement. SLEs support leaders in other schools through one-to-one peer coaching or facilitated group-support. SLEs, alongside NLEs, and NLGs form key system leadership roles that are designed by the National College for Teaching and Leadership. 

What are the expectations for SLEs?

Applicants must have the support of their headteacher who agrees to release them to deliver outreach support. There is no set amount time; however we believe that a minimum commitment of 8 days an academic year is required to ensure that the programme has sufficient capacity.

SLEs will provide high quality support in other schools, which will be structured and evaluated through an agreed action plan. SLEs will agree to engage in ongoing training and development as well as a termly after school team meeting. In addition, we plan to offer SLEs a wider remit beyond school-to-school support, delivering CPD, facilitating networks and supporting delivery of grant-funded projects.

ECTSA is responsible for the recruitment, designation, brokerage, deployment and quality assurance of these programmes.

What’s the benefit of being a system leader?

  • Receive training in how to coach and support other leaders
  • Become part of a network of outstanding leaders
  • Moral purpose: showing commitment to improving outcomes for all children
  • Develop and sharing your expertise; and at the same time learning from effective practice in other schools
  • Deepen your leadership skills
  • Excellent experience to support career development
  • Being part of a school-led system of improving education


SLE is an unsalaried role. Schools requesting SLE support will be charged for the service to cover the costs incurred by the home school.  ECTSA has an agreed fee structure, which is in line with other Devon TSAs. 


We are looking to recruit up to SLEs from both primary and secondary schools. 

To find out more and to access application guidance/forms, please visit our SLE page.

Published on: 
3 November, 2017