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Teaching and Learning Symposium, 15th March 2017 4.00pm to 5.00pm at St James School

Workshops include:

1. Student Driven Digital Portfolios Led by Simon Wing from Montgomery Primary School
‘Seesaw’ is a free app and web tool that empowers students from an early age to independently document their learning. It gives pupils a real audience for their work. Parents get a personalised window to view their child's school day and for teachers it can save time and makes formative assessment easy.

2. Inductive Teaching - A different approach to a child-centered lesson Led by Michaela Cousins from Haytor View Community
Primary Inductive teaching is a style of teaching which focuses upon the teacher being a facilitator of learning within a lesson rather than a teacher-led lesson. Children learn about new concepts in the form of "noticing" rather than "being taught". This different approach to teaching is one way of allowing children, of all abilities, to be actively involved in participating in the lesson without the fear of making a mistake!

3. Get your Groove in the Mood to Learn! Led by Vikki Squires from Clyst Heath Nursery and Community Primary School
A constructive, accessible approached to engage all staff and children in daily physical activity, which requires no planning, set up or leading! This simple approached has been developed throughout our school with a positive outcome. It has increased the weekly physical activity of all children, from 2 hours a week to 2.5 - 3 hours a week. This has had no impact on teachers time, but a massive impact on children's engagement with all learning and the importance of daily physical activity. (This is not a practical session).

4. Physical Activity as a Vehicle for HolisticDevelopment Led by Jonny Holding from Wynstream Primary School
When thinking about physical activity, it is easy to get caught up in focusing on the development of physical skills. However, high quality PE and physical activity experiences have the potential to enrich so many other key areas of a child's development; including mental, social and emotional aspects to name a few. This workshop will briefly look into the value and potential of a well planned PE/physical activity session, and explain how a shift of focus can lead to developments in a range of areas. In addition, I will be sharing some of my favourite problem solving and team-building activities which can be used as standalone lessons, or as part of a unit of work. This workshop is suitable for anyone responsible for delivering PE, breaktimes, physical activity or residential sessions, or alternatively anyone with a tutor or intervention group.

5. Effective Grouping Led by Joe Wyatt from St James School
Exploring different ways to group students focusing on the teacher grouping the class and the students grouping themselves.

6. Using Latin in KS2 and KS3 Led by Ella Amos from Exwick Heights Primary School
A brief introduction to using Latin to support language and literacy skills across KS2 and 3, with particular regard to grammar and spelling. This workshop will provide ideas for supporting a range of learners, with a particular focus on more able pupils. We will look at resources available to help. Absolutely NO previous knowledge or experience of Latin required!

Workshops last for 15 minutes and you will have the opportunity to attend 3. It is intended that workshops will be cross phase, however concepts presented and shared will need to be adapted to meet your own needs.

When you arrive please grab a coffee and use the time before the workshops start to network with colleagues from other schools.

We hope your school will be represented at the Symposium and leave with lots of new and exciting ideas.

Future Symposium dates: 10th May 2017 / 28th June 2017

Published on: 
10 March, 2017