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Alternative Provision and Outreach

Exeter School Based Provision is designed entirely to directly support children at severe risk of fixed-term and permanent exclusion. The strategy has 3 layers:

  • Time limited therapeutic intervention for the child
  • Professional development for the TA most often linked to supporting the child
  • Respite for the child and school

Link here for more information: Exeter School Based Provision. Link here for the School Based Provision Referral Form.

Link here to the Devon County Council Education Inclusion Team.

Domestic Violence and Abuse Resource Pack for Schools: Good Practice Guidance, Babcock LDP Educational Psychology Service.

Running Deer supports schools with a range of alternative therapeutic services for young people in Devon who are struggling in the classroom. Click here for the The Running Deer Young Person Referral Form and here to the Running Deer website.

On Track Education. Click for the Intervention Leaflet; Totnes Intervention Referral Form; On Track Education price list. Link here for On Track Education website.

1-2-1 Mentors Information leaflet.

Schoolscompany Central Devon Academy. Central Devon Academy is an Alternative Provision Academy Sponsored by The SchoolsCompany Trust providing full time education for children from 4-16 years of age. We cover Central Devon including Exeter, East Devon and Mid Devon and work closely with Devon County Council to ensure a swift transition both into and out of the Academy to minimise the impact of any transition on the learning of those young people. 'Information passport'.

'Fire Setters Leaflet', Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service.