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Teaching and Learning Symposium - 25th January 2017 - presentations, resources and links


1. Supporting positive developments in parental engagement. Led by Iain Franklin from Haytor View Community Primary School

Feedback: 'Excellent sense that we are doing a good job at my school with communication with parents. Good ideas given to bring parents into school'; 'Great ideas. Thoughtful'; 'Thought provoking Q’s which led to helpful discussions with colleagues'; 'Time to reflect and talk with colleagues'; 'Useful ideas on ways forward'; 'Made me think of new strategies'; 'Interesting session with a great delivery'.

2. A Maths Mindset. Led by Jeremy Davy from Clyst Heath Primary School

Feedback: 'Very useful and thought provoking – useful sources and ideas to try'; 'Loved the discussion regarding a growth mindset'; 'Very current and relevant – good input and opened up some discussion to be further explored at school'; 'Practical activities to consider and put into action'; 'Interesting, relevant and thought provoking'; 'Interesting and informative – thought provoking about OUR attitude and children’s attitude'

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3. Using different number systems to consolidate children’s understanding of place value. Led by Graeme Hankin from Haytor View Community Primary School

Feedback: 'Enjoyed it and will take inspiration from the workshop, thank you'; 'Fab! Will definitely use!'; 'Awesome'; 'Very visionary way to approach these issues'; 'Really useful resource, would love to see it in practice'; 'Informative, fun, interactive'; 'Great ideas. Fun way to engage children of all ages'.


4. 'Kahoot’ Make Learning Awesome! Led by Jason Nofal from St James School

Feedback: 'Very clear, concise and engaging. Fantastic resources! Adaptable and will use more often'; 'Brilliant!'; 'Great ideas, will take back to school'; 'Awesome. Will use'; 'Brilliant presentation, fun and informative!'; 'Fantastic idea! Would love to use'; 'Lots of ideas – applicable to any year group. Very interactive'.

Find out more: Kahoot

5. Say hello to R Time! Led by Scott Hampton from Haytor View Community Primary School

Feedback: 'Loved it. Thinking how to use it'; 'Brilliant, really great ideas, will explore website'; 'Lovely simple concept which will work in any context'; 'Really interesting! Would love to implement'; 'Really good info – will definitely research this tool'; 'Fab! Loved it! Loads of info, great presentation can’t wait to get the book!'; 'Brilliant! A really good idea – definitely worth exploring'; 'Love it! Important skills to learn'; 'Fantastic!! We need this'.

Resources and links:

6. Writing structures. Led by Laura Newton from St James School

Feedback:  'Good ideas to take back to school'; 'Interesting to hear secondary'; 'Interesting way to link primary to secondary writing styles'; 'Good insight to future for children’s writing'; 'Nice to see what this is like in secondary'. 

Future Symposium dates:

15th March 2017

10th May 2017

28th June 2017

4.00pm to 5.00pm St James School

It is intended that workshops will be cross phase, however concepts presented and shared will need to be adapted to meet your own needs.