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Teaching and Learning Tomorrow Symposium - 12th October 2016 - presentations, resources and links

Presentations and resources from the Teaching and Learning Tomorrow Symposium - Ideas Worth Sharing on 12th October 2016

'Teaching to the top'
was led by Naomi Weir from St James School

With high aspiration of all students teaching to the top is a great way to engage, enthuse and extend students throughout a lesson.
Naomi is a Maths specialist, and this workshop focused on how to differentiate when teaching to the top and keep high expectation within the classroom.

Link here for Noami's presentation: Teaching to the top

'Technology without the Tech: Plickers' was led by Nicky Phillips from St James School

Plickers is a powerfully simple tool that lets teachers collect real-time formative assessment data without the need for stu-dent devices. Come and learn how to use Plickers in your classroom! "The kids love it. I thought of it as a good data-collection tool, but my students think it's a game."

Link here for Nicky's presentation: Technology without the Tech: Plickers More on the Plickers website here: Plickers